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B...PLAN REVISION£1,629.00
Duration: 2 weeks

Tax (20 %)£325.80

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When you send the business plan that you have prepared or had someone else prepared to, the review begins. The problems that arise as a result of the examination lasting 2 weeks are resolved. It is sent to you as an e-mail. You place an order with your payment. You cannot cancel this order after submitting the business plan. The information and documents contained in the business plan you send will not be shared with third parties. If you have the Business Plan prepared by other companies and Individuals, please do not forget to obtain the necessary permissions for the restoration. There is no indication that it was prepared by us under the business plans we have restored. You cannot submit the entire Business Plan to 3rd parties as if you had it prepared by us. You can cancel the purchase within the timeframe when you will submit the purchase and the plans to review. If you submit plans to be reviewed, your cancellation request will not be accepted.

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